Saturday, December 26, 2015

Adding a 3rd person

In the past, Mistress and I have discussed adding a 3rd person occasionally to our play.  Mistress is bi-sexual, and has played with women as well as group sex in the past.  Most of our conversations have revolved around her and another woman dominating me.  I have encouraged her plenty of times to have a girl on the side.  We kind of perused it years ago, but a one-night stand is more likely than her having an actual relationship.

Mistress will occasionally let me know that she would love to see me with a guy.  I am not bi-sexual.  I can certainly look at a guy and see that he has a good body or that he is good looking.  What I can't do is make the jump from thinking a guy is nice looking to wanting to do something sexual with a guy.  For the most part I think guys are kind of gross.  I don't like body hair which is one reason I shave.  I think cum is disgusting. Even if I could clone myself, I wouldn't have sex with me.

So where does this put us?  I can certainly imagine us occasionally playing with a woman.  Hiring a professional escort or Domme would make sense as it avoids the issue of emotional connections.  A great example is found on this blog Girl Sex with the Escort!!!!   Also, starting with a woman would break me into the idea of a 3rd person as I have never had that before.

But what about a guy???  I can't rule it out.  Mistress has been great at fulfilling my fantasies.  I would like to fulfill hers as well.  I try to keep an open mind and imagine how it would look.  Whenever I imagine it, it is somewhat of a process.  It starts with Mistress and I going deeper into a D/s relationship.  We would be going through some of my softer limits, getting me used to the idea of getting to my hard limits.  Some of my semi hard limits would be piss play, cross-dressing in public, etc.  Be crossing these limits and me being ok, would allow me to more easily consider crossing my hard limits.   She would be using a psychological term called conditioning.  The idea of conditioning would be to tie my pleasure to an idea.  The more I can link my pleasure to the idea of another gut the more likely it could happen.  Some ways I imagine she could use conditioning.

  • During our teasing sessions she would tell me of her fantasies of me with men
  • Any time I was let out of chastity I would have to be plugged.
  • The only time she would stroke my cock is if I had a dildo in my mouth or ass
  • Our fucking machine
  • All edging would be with Mistress using her strapon.  The goal to make me cum from anal sex alone.
  • Tying me down and making me watch gay porn while teasing me
  • Making me perform oral sex on dildos before I was allowed to be unlocked
  • Mistress pointing out men to me she would like to see me with
  • Going to gay bars
  • Cum eating, cum cubes, simulated cum, etc.
  • Making me write male on male stories
  • Finding an online Mater to get me used to sexual interaction with a male.
  • "sissy conditioning" - Goole has many hits
  • Erotic Hypnosis
In short we are a long way from doing something like this if we ever will.  It will take some time, but with a D/s dynamic I can see it possibly happening somewhere down the line.  


  1. I'm in the same boat as you. However, even though the idea of sex with another man, in and of itself, does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form, if it was something that I was required to do in order to please her, I probably would. I mean, it's not gay if I am just following orders, right?

    Same with cum eating. Currently Mistress believes that eating my own cum is gross. Many stories about submissive men/Dominant Women include the standard for the men that every time they ejaculate, they must consume it. This too is not something I want to do but the idea of knowing that it must be done as a rule, or a standard operating procedure gets my dick hard.

    Funny how the submissive mind works, huh?

  2. Sex with another man not only doesn't do anything for me, it turns me off.

    The hot part would be the loss of control, being coerced (I don't like the term forced) to do something you really don;t want to is the part I live for. That includes things like cum eating, piss play, public play, lots of pain etc.

    I can see why guys would rather be with a transexual than a typical guy. At least there is something you can be attracted to...