Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thoughts of torturous orgasms

For a guy that is trying to set a personal orgasm free record I am surprised on today's fascination with ruined orgasms along with post orgasm torture.  One down side to long term denial is the eventual orgasm isn't as good as one every few days.  

There are several ways that I find arousing.  The best one is a long slow tease.  Without even getting close to the edge.  Going mad because even the feeling of orgasm is so far away.  After a sufficient amount of time, some edging.  

I can't say for sure as I don't remember, but it seems the best torture is to be edged close enough to the edge but with zero intention of allowing an orgasms.  Working my cock time and again until I end up dripping several seconds after Mistress stops stimulating my cock.  The goal being that I leak several times with never approaching orgasm until I am completely drained.  

The next worst would be similar to above, but eventually allowing an orgasm, but with us both knowing that when I do orgasms, the stimulation will not stop, no matter how much I scream and beg.  I love to think that Mistress could force a 2nd orgasm to torture me again.

Now I know I would hate either one of these.  The first I would hate the most as I wouldn't even get the pleasure of an orgasm.  I am guessing it's also the way I would be ramped up the soonest afterward.  

Having zero control over how Mistress would drain me is the only reason I find this concept so hot.  Knowing that my orgasm would suck would be such a mind fuck.  

I also believe that either option would necessitate the use of a chastity device for a few days afterward.  I don't think I could resist the desire for a real orgasm until my libido got built back up.  In addition to removing the desire to cheat, it would also make me hornier faster.

Here are some videos of ruined and tortured orgasms.

Maitresse Madeline Compilation

The best one ever

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