Monday, March 13, 2017

'Working' from home

My last orgasm was on January 13th.  After today it will be 60 days.  My all time record is around 75 days.  If I don't have an orgasm the rest of the month, I will easily set a new record and I want Mistress to be the record holder, not my ex.  Even after setting a new record, I am pretty OK with the idea of not being allowed to cum.  However at the same time, I think that forgetting how good an orgasm feels makes the denial easier.  There is something about having an orgasm that makes me want one more.

This morning Mistress got up before I did.  In my current state of mind, I decided to edge myself before getting out of bed.  It was very easy to bring myself to the edge and I had some thoughts running through my mind.  Mistress has started working from home exclusively.  When she went to an office every day, I had the ability to edge myself while she was at work.  I also was able to dress or not dress as I chose.  I could also occasionally do a little self bondage.  Now that she works from home, I have less freedom, which is exactly what I want.  So my edging this morning had me thinking of ways that Mistress could mess with me.

I thought of every cliched sexual harassment story you've ever heard, but with me as he one being harassed.  Being made to get her coffee, or a drink or some other task just so she can ogle me or feel me up.

That made me think of the secretary movie and how bondage and spankings made their way into the office.

That made me fantasize about having to wear restraints on my ankles and wrists on the days I work from home.  Making it easy for Mistress to restrain me at my desk or on our bed for an occasionally "break" during our day. 


Having Mistress set out my attire for the day.

Or even better.  Having to service Mistress and or suck her strap on like the slutty office secretary.  I imagine having to give Mistress an orgasm every hour during our work day.

Or having to work in my cage for the day at Mistress feet.

Or having Mistress control my butt plug during the day.

I managed to edge myself about a dozen times while I thought about all of the nasty ways Mistress could use me.  I finally stopped when I almost leaked a bit of pre-cum.  I didn't want to have to lick up cum first thing in the morning.  I got dressed up in my 2nd shortest skirt with heels and a blouse.  I am in such a mood.   

In closing, Mistress now has the ability to really keep me under her thumb in so many ways.  

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