Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mistress' Fantasy

The other night before bed, Mistress asked me if I would ever consider having a threesome with a transsexual.  Mistress knows I have fantasies of threesomes, but my fantasies of threesomes are with 2 girls and a guy (me).  Don't blame me for this, I was born this way.  I have my "deviations", but bisexuality isn't one of them.  I have no problem with gay sex or transsexuals, it's just not for me.

Now Mistress has been with women.  She likes for me to be dressed up as a woman and some of our best sexual scenes have been with me in full feminine attire including full makeup and a wig in addition to women's clothes.  These have been extremely hot times.

Now my idea of a threesome is probably different than most.  While having sex with 2 women seems hot, this is my typical idea of a threesome.


Even though I can't imagine myself with a guy or transsexual, I absolutely love simulating that type of play.  I have huge fantasies of choking on a strap-on dildo shoved down my throat until tears are running down my face.

Count't find a man sucking a dildo with mascara running

I fantasize about being fucked in the ass until I orgasm without any cock stimulation (still haven't done this though).  Pretty much any porn that shows a man dominating a woman, I flip in my mind to it being a woman with a strap-on treating me the way the woman get's treated.

Now I am a "never say never" kind of person.  I am pretty certain with the right kind of conditioning, training, teasing and motivating that Mistress could get me to where she wants me.  I don't like the word "force", but I eventually could be coerced into crossing my hard limit if Mistress really wanted me to.  She has already done so as far as having me dress feminine so much.

I imagine my training as having to watch certain TS porn instead of any other kind.  Having Mistress tie me down and stroke my cock until I go mad with desire, all the time telling me what her plans are for me.  Making me repeat what she says until I can't think of anything else.  Making me simulate bi-sexual activities with toys as much as possible.  Of course cum eating is also an important aspect of it all.

And now for some images for Mistress and her TS fantasy

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