Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Locked, Plugged and Dressed

I sit at my desk this morning with my ass plugged and my cock locked in up in chastity.  Since it is now spring, I am wearing lace boy shorts, a white blouse, white skirt with a floral pattern and high 6" strappy pumps.  My head is spinning with desire.  If there was any way to stroke my cock right now I don;t think I could resist the temptation.

On Sunday Mistress informed me that I would be locked in chastity along with having to wear a butt plug for 2 hours every day of her period.  I can see this becoming a monthly ritual and I hate to admit that I like it.  Having scheduled torments for to endure are a pretty hot idea.  Mistress can tease me days in advance that she will be starting her period and that I will be locked up and plugged soon.  All that I am missing is something phallic in my mouth :-)

I half woke up about 30 minutes before I got out of bed, tossing and turning hoping to go back to sleep.  With my cock straining against my device, I had no real hope of falling back to sleep.  My mind was racing with naughty thoughts.  I imagined Mistress making me dress up and take a ride in her car.  I imagined being locked in the cage to remind me of my place.  I imagined Mistress making me walk in these heels on our treadmill.

It's not been 67 days since my last orgasm.  My mind has been filled with extreme ways of making my next orgasm as unenjoyable as possible.   I imagine being edged and edged over again until I am bucking at my hips. I imagine just being allowed to dribble until I am dry.

If that happened I technically still wouldn't have had an orgasm.  I imagine Mistress making me cum, but not stopping stimulation until no matter how much I begged.

Lastly I fantasized about her making me clean very single drop up in as humiliating and disgusting way as possible.  Licking every drop off her body, especially after it has cooled and I have come down from the height of pleasure.  

I am certain that eating my cum after such a long denial period will be the worst part of it all.  It will also be the part I play back in my mind over and over again.  Some of the worst things ever done to me are the best!


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