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NOTE: I have been writing this post over the last few days so it might jump around a bit...

coerce -[koh-urs]

verb (used with object), coerced, coercing.

1.  to compel by force, intimidation, or authority, especially without regard for individual desire or volition:

2.  to bring about through the use of force or other forms of compulsion:

3.  to dominate or control, especially by exploiting fear, anxiety, etc.:

My recent post on Mistress' fantasy of seeing me with a guy or transsexual got me thinking about how susceptible my submissive mind is.  While I have a long list of turn on's and things I like doing, I have a fairly short list of things of limits or things I just would rather not do.  Having to do things I would rather not do creates a dilemma for me.  I have to override my fight or flight response and just submissively submit.  This is where the real magic of D/s happens for me.  Having my limits pushed scares me but also excites the hell out of me.

I have been submissive for as long as I can remember.  I used to have a ton of limits, but as I have gotten older and more experienced, my limits have decreased considerably.  One thing that has helped me get through a lot of my limits is persistence of my dominant.  In my current relationship, Mistress has done a good job of sticking to a plan.  Also, using the dog cage in the basement has given her more control over me.

For example, me dressing in feminine attire.  In the past it was solely a sexual act for me.  If I was horny enough or it was part of a scene I was OK with dressing up.  Now I find myself being dressed nearly 24/7 at home and under my clothes when I go out.  There are many times that I would rather not dress, but being compelled to do so is what makes my submissive heart and mind so happy.  I have gone from masturbating while wearing an item of clothing, to dressing up and really caring about how I look.  I am very self aware of just how much control I have given up to Mistress and how much more I would love to give up.  In fact I am trying to think of requirements to add to my daily routine.

Chastity is the same way.  I really dislike being in chastity due to how uncomfortable it can be.  However with persistence and encouragement from my Mistress, I could see myself in chastity 24/7/365.  Plus the fact I can;t stop thinking about it, I am starting to believe wearing a device is more mental than physical.

So back to the topic of this post on coercion.  There are 2 limits I have that I think I could eventually get past.  Cross-dressing in public and some sort same sex sexual interaction.

The cross-dressing in public limit is the easier one for me as I can actually imagine it.  That being said, if I got all dressed up and we started heading for the door I think I would lose my cool and start being an asshole.  Mistress could threaten cage time but I would likely take that over public humiliation.

So as I fantasize about how this could be done I could see us enlisting a 3rd party such as a Pro-Domme as someone who is detached as well as supportive of the goal.  I imagine Mistress and I going to her dungeon (it would be better if I didn't know what was planned).  When we arrived I would be ordered to strip and I would be restrained.  Mistress would come up and place a shocking dog collar on my balls and lock it on.  She would then tell me it's set for the highest level and that I had better obey without question.  For good measure she hits the button and I scream in surprise and agony.

As I recover from the shock, I am released from my restraints and informed that I will be getting fully feminized and taken out to a bar.  Over the next hour I am dressed and made up.  They eventually show me a mirror and I don't even recognize myself.  Mistress then places the shocking remote in her purse and announces that we are heading out.

Due to the shocking device around my balls and the fact that I actually don't recognize myself I relent and we head to a bar.  When we arrive I get nervous, but Mistress shows me the remote and I press forward.  From here my fantasy gets fuzzy as I don't know what I want to happen or not.  However I do imagine some good mind fucks to occur.  Such as the Pro-Domme having pre-arranged for me to be hit on by guys or girls for that matter.  Me being made to dance or order drinks.  The humiliation would kill me.

That being said, that's a huge leap.  In reality I imagine I get dressed and we head out to try me walking in uncrowded places.  A parking lot at a strip mall or pumping gas at a gas station.  What isn't a leap is the shocking dog collar.  I would need something to push me through my fight or flight response.  Cage time wouldn't cut it.


As far as getting me to be with a man or transsexual in some way would require a pretty concerted effort.  I imagine Mistress being stricter with me regarding my dress.  Such as requiring a bra at all times or stockings and corsets much more frequently.  I imagine being tied to the bed or locked in the cage with transsexual porn playing for hours.  I imagine having audio hypnosis tracks pumped into my ears with headphones while my cock is teased for hours at a time.  She would keep edging me and make me tell her stories if I wanted any stimulation on my cock.  Mistress would make me find videos, pictures and stories of scenes she would want to recreate.  When we had sex Mistress would talk all about what she wanted me to do.  She would make me simulate oral and anal sex with very realistic fake cocks.  She would make me cum almost daily and consume every drop so I could get mentally used to the concept.  Eventually we would get to the point of me being tied down and a transsexual girl or a guy is brought into the room.  I would be teased until I was begging to have my cock sucked by this person.  I would be brought to orgasm with their mouth and this person would leave.  And like that, my first encounter would be over.

Just thinking about it disturbs me.  As I said earlier, I am not wired for this.  That's why I think conditioning would be a huge part of making it happen.  Hopefully Mistress would let us try this with a woman for my first threesome experience.  

While I can imagine getting a blowjob from someone of the same sex, I can't imagine giving one.  I barely like my own cock and cum after an orgasm, the thought of sucking a real cock does nothing for me other than make me a bit grossed out.

Like I've said before, I have few limits, but I have learned that it's fun to play in the soft/hard limit area.  Pushing boundaries is a huge part of a D/s lifestyle.  Hmmmmm.        

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