Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Butt Plug Thoughts

I have been sitting on this for over 45 minutes when I started this post.

I still have an hour and 15 minutes to go.  In addition to this I am in my heels, dress and panties.  My mind is a horny mess as well.  Normally when I put the plug in, I am on my knees with my chest resting on the edge of the tub.  Comfort is my only goal.  This morning was different.  I lubed the plug and my tight hole with one of my legs up on the edge of the tub.  With my 6" heels I felt so slutty raising my leg like that.  I soon realized that I was tighter this way and needed to change positions if I was ever going to get this in my ass.  I almost went down on my knees but I wanted to try something different.  I bent over at the waist and locked my knees.  I slowly pressed the plug up against my hole and I pushed in a millimeter at a time, and pulled back out going back and forth.  I looked down and saw my legs in heels and my dress hiked up above my cock.  I felt so submissive and slutty taking it up the ass this way.  I imagined Mistress behind me pushing the plug in.  When I got to the widest point of the plug, I took a deep breath and pushed it in all the way.  I got flush from the strain.  I was now plugged and would remain so for at least 2 hours.  I was in subspace.

I am not plugged often, but when I am I can't avoid having super submissive feelings.  There are few things that remind me of just how desperate I can be in my need to be treated poorly.  In fact I am clenching my ass, trying to take the plug in deeper.  Sitting is easy, almost erotic.  Walking around is a challenge.  The constant stimulation of movement triggers the colon to want to expel it.  Keeping it in becomes a task. The worse part of wearing the plug is removing it.  The emptiness, the lack of stimulation on my prostate is a big let down. When the plug comes out, I will feel it for hours.  I will miss it.

Writing this post has me thinking about a couple of the more devious ideas I have read about.

  • An hour in and an hour out.  All day.  Making the sub insert and remove the plug is more torturous than wearing the plug for an extended time.  The removals leave that empty hollow feeling, and the insertions irritate the hole in just the right way.  It's like a super slow ass fucking.
  • Wearing one to bed.  I have never done this, but have read it can cause some interesting dreams.   Not sure how easy sleep would be, but I certainly would have sex on the brain.
Wearing this plug also has me thinking about things Mistress and I have done.  Of course a strap on dildo.  I love the helplessness of taking it in the ass.  Also a TENS controlled butt plug.  Having electricity pulse my ass and make it contract against my wishes.  That's a real mind fuck.

In closing, I am loving the things Mistress is making me do.  Dressing in feminine clothes.  Locking my collar around my neck.  Making me plug my ass.  I yearn to do more, to suffer more.  Thank you Mistress.


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