Thursday, March 9, 2017

The power of scent

One of the biggest surprises I have had in recent years is understanding the power of a scent.  I knew that smells can bring back memories of a long time ago.  Every time I smell leaves in the fall, I am immediately reminded of walking home from school back in junior high over 30 years ago.  Fresh cut cedar takes me back to my first job also 30+ years ago.

That brings me to current time.  Mistress bought me some perfume before Christmas so that I could add it to my daily feminization.  Out of all the feminine things I do, wearing perfume has the strongest, most immediate impact on me.  I can have pretty much zero femme thoughts when I wake up, but one spray of perfume on my chest and my brain goes into feminine overdrive.  It makes me WANT to be more and more feminine.  It pretty much removes any desire I have of resisting feminization.  When I pick out my feminine clothes for the day, the perfume makes me want to choose sexier, sluttier or classier clothes.  No jeans and t-shirts, but skirts, dresses and uncomfortable high heels become my choice of attire.

I had been planning on writing this post for some time, but what triggered it today is a post and caption I saw online.

It wouldn’t take many nights like this, only being allowed to cum or even touch himself without the smell of her filling his nose, before the scent of her would become pleasure.

I often fantasize about Mistress doing this to me.  I love the idea of the panties being worn by her all day ending up on my face any time my cock received attention.  I love the idea of training my brain to make her worn panties an aphrodisiac.  To train me in such a way that I can't get off without her scent.  Some duct tape to keep me from breathing through my mouth and some worn panties or pantyhose stretched over my nostrils.  I would be in submissive heaven.

Or even worse, my own worn or cum stained panties or pantyhose.

Just thinking of being tied down, blindfolded, teased, denied, and tortured.  Having Mistress' scent fill my nostrils and my brain.  Just thinking of it makes my cock hard.

Writing this I am reminded of a blog where a Mistress used her dirty socks in this manner.  Even more devious, she made her slave get turned on whenever she took off her shoes.

In closing, scent is very powerful.  Much more powerful than I ever imagined it could be.  I am starting to fantasize about all the ways we can use different scents in a D/s way.  From adding perfume to my nightime routine or adding a pair of worn panties to my nostrils next time I am locked in the dog cage.  The idea of having shoes taped to my face or being forced to smell Mistress' socks to condition me, it's all very erotic to me.


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