Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dry spell is over

After 72 days I was finally allowed to orgasm.  I take that back, I was forced to orgasm.  On Sunday i did a bunch for chores around the house.  Mistress and I took a late lunch and had a couple margaritas before heading home.  When we got home Mistress told me that she was in a mood to tie me up.  I offered to get the room, bed, and myself ready.  I stripped the bed of all but a sheet.   I pulled the restraints that live under our mattress full time.  I set various implements out on the bed and the dresser.  I put on some music, stripped, put on some wrist and ankle restraints, and put a blindfold over my forehead so Mistress could take away my vision if she chose to.

Mistress was came into the room and proceeded to tighten the 4 corners of my restraints.  She then pulled down the blindfold.  Over the next 30 minutes or so, I was teased with her well lubricated hands and made to edge several times.  Mistress alternated my pleasure with pain by smacking me in the balls, snapping the rubber bands I had around my thighs, or using one of the other implements I had left out.

 I kept begging not to cum but Mistress had other plans.  She said "you know I am going to make you cum, right?" I knew that was likely.  She did tell me that she was going to feed my cum to me.  I  was afraid I would refuse and chicken out, so I asked her to put the spider gaga in my mouth so I couldn't change my mind about eating my cum.

Not Me

After the gag was in place and my mouth was held open, Mistress proceeded with taking my orgasm.  She put the tip of a vibrator just in the opening of my ass.  She put the Hitachi underneath my balls and she proceeded to stroke my cock with a well lubricated hand.  I had fully intended on fighting it, but Mistress was having none of it.  She kept what she was doing, I gave my full mind to try and keep from cumming, I failed.  I came.  It was much better than I expected.  Usually after long denial periods the orgasm isn't as strong.  As soon as Mistress turned off the vibrators, she started scooping up my cum with her fingers and forcing it into my mouth.  She only did 2 scoops, which I am guessing is a fraction of what came out of me.  She is much nicer that I am.  I would have put as much of it in my victims mouth as possible and made a long drawn out production out of it.  Afterward we cleaned up and went about our evening.            

I expected my orgasm to give me a lot more sub drop than I ended up with.  In fact I am ramped back up, fantasizing about all the terrible things I would like to do / have done to me.  I am dressed feminine again with a bra and my highest heels just to make it more challenging.  I would say my horniness is right back where it was.  I am yearning to be inside Mistress, working on pleasuring her while I focus on lasting without orgasm.  Of course having an orgasm inside her that I have to clean out with my tongue is a good option for a slave like me.

I am in heaven!

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