Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Mistress got out of bed before me again this morning.  I couldn't help myself and managed to edge myself a few times before getting out of bed.  My first edge was with the idea that I went through all of February without an orgasm and that it's likely that I will go all of March without one.  I am extra horny just thinking of the denial.

Then I decided to see what Divine Bitches had that was new.  There were a couple newer clips that I watched.

This first one was kind of lame.  It was essentially puppy training.  There was no bondage, but she did shove a dildo down his throat and she also rubbed his face in the pulled of cum that he made.  There was also a good ass licking portion.  The trailer can be found here

The next video was fucking hot.  It's title is "Drown in my squirt, slaveboy!"  It starts with him licking her shoes and some whipping.  Next the slave is wearing a head harness that keeps his mouth forced open.  There is a dildo mounted to his chest.  She uses the dildo and hitachi to keep giving herself squirting orgasms.  Every times she pulls off the dildo and squirts all over his face and in his mouth.

Next she takes the dildo and fucks his mouth with it.  There is nothing he can do to stop it.  I like to think she makes him gag and choke on it.

She then puts his cock in a cable cock trap and painfully strokes his cock.  She masturbates and squirts all over his cock.

Mistress squirts.  I love it when she does, but I love even more when she squirts in a D/s way.  There is something about being restrained and soaked in her juices.  That made me search for some hot images.

I don't think I ever feel more used than when Mistress has amazing squirting orgasms.  I am humiliatingly soaked in a puddle of her juices.  It's even better when she doesn't give me any sexual relief.



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