Friday, March 17, 2017

A hot scene

I was perusing my blog list and came across a post that spoke to me in a way that coincides with my mood.

A slave is tied down on a table, exposed and immobile.  He has a machine slowly fucking his ass.  His Mistress has rolled a condom on his cock and is using a Venus 2000 masturbation sleeve to tease his cock.

In the next shot the machine is still slowly fucking his ass. You can barely see it, but he cums into the condom as the Mistress removes the stimulation on his cock and rubs and squeezes his balls to get more cum to release.  I imagine it was a ruined orgasm instead of a full orgasm.

In the next shot, his Mistress carefully removes the condom to keep it's contents inside and proceeds to drip the slaves cum into his mouth.  All of this is happening with his ass still being slowly fucked by the machine.  If I was in his shoes I would have a hard time opening my mouth.  I like to think I would have a gag in my mouth that would not allow me to refuse my cum.

Next, the slave is locked into chastity again.  I am not sure why she stopped the machine.  I wouldn't.

Lastly, Mistress leaves her slave, still bound, still being ass fucked with the nasty taste of cum in his mouth.  I can only imagine the thoughts running through his mind afterward.  I know mine would be shame and disgust, but at the same time strong mental arousal.

Very hot indeed.

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