Monday, July 4, 2016

Mind Altering

I had forgotten the effect chastity has on me.  Especially now that I have found a device I can wear with minimal discomfort.  Several times last night I woke up and when I did, my mind went straight to naughty thoughts. I had many ideas go through my head.  Some, I am sure were dreams and others were just thoughts that came to me, but I'm not sure which ones were which. Needless to say, my chaste brain is going a million miles an hour.

  • My old device was bulky and somewhat uncomfortable.  It meant that many of the feminine items I have couldn't be worn while I was in chastity.  This new device has proven to be able to be worn with anything which makes feminization and chastity much more imaginable.  Also a tiny pink device is much more feminine than a polished piece of stainless steel.  My other device "looks" masculine.
  • I dreamt of Mistress telling me she wants me to wear pantyhose when we are together as she wants to feel my sexy smooth legs more as well as seeing me in pantyhose and shorts around the house.  The humiliation would be awesome.
  • I dreamt of wearing an anklet, feminine toe rings as well as frilly nail art
  • High heels
  • Being locked in chastity and forced to use a strapon to make love to Mistress.  So emasculating.
  • While I have been wearing nighties, I have been thinking about other night wear, especially teddies.

  • Teased in my device with no orgasm.  Forced orgasm and locked back up immediately.  Ruined orgasm and locked up immediately.
  • Clean up duty.  I imagined having to wear a condom while having sex. Afterward Mistress would take the contents and pour them into my mouth.  She would then turn the condom inside out and make me lick it clean.  She would then put the condom in my mouth and tell me to keep it in my mouth until our room was cleaned and all the toys were put away.
  • Electric torture
  • Nipple torture / zipper
  • The Cage - scares me, but turns me on too
That's all for now.  Suffice to say, I am a horny little mess that would do just about anything to prove it!

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