Monday, July 11, 2016

Professional Domme

Mistress and I have talked about spending some time Professional Domme at some point in the future.  Discussions have ranged from just me going to us both going.  I imagine us going together and me being domme'd by both, as well as us both being domme'd by a Mistress.  I also imagine Mistress sending me to one with me not having a clue what was going to happen.

We're still very much in a cautious discussion phase.  I had mentioned to her that I read a blog where the husband and wife have done this.  I was going to include some passages that I found hot, but I find that I can't do it any justice.  So here are the relevant links to her page from oldest to newest.

Professional Attention -

Visit with a Pro: part 1 -
Visit with a Pro: part 2 -
Visit with a Pro: part 3 -

Personal Trainer: third time lucky -
Update on Trainer -

Husband Punished by Wife in front of Escort -

Playtime! -
Playtime Happened: My Spanking -
Playtime Happened: His Spanking -

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