Friday, July 1, 2016

Take 2

I recently bought a new chastity device that was the wrong size due to me measuring incorrectly.  Last night my new device arrived and this morning I put it on as I was told it I would be wearing it this evening.  As usual I woke up full of testosterone and horniness so it was easy to want to lock myself up.

This deice is 5 millimeters smaller than the last one. It should reduce the movement that was irritating my piercing which is good, but it will be much more uncomfortable when I get hard.

Wearing this will also  prevent me from edging like I did a couple time this week.  I edged to a video of a guy getting caned pretty well.  The video is only 12 minutes start to finish, but it seemed to be more than enough for the guy in the video.


I fantasize about a beating like this, one with my safeword being ignored.

 Also edged another day to some Divine Bitches.

The day I edged to this video I leaked a tiny bit which I promptly licked up.  Additionally I wore panties a few days this week in addition to my nighty.  I do love being a little slut.

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