Friday, July 22, 2016

To punish or not?

I have waited a few days to write this post as I wasn't sure how to approach it.  A few nights ago Mistress and I had a stupid fight right before bed.  I was so mad and frustrated that I went to sleep in a spare bedroom and purposely chose not to wear a nighty like I have been ordered to every night for weeks.  That's one of the hard things about real life in a D/s relationship.  I was so bent out of shape about our argument that I couldn't imagine being told to do something. Had I been locked in chastity I would have left the device on.  It's easier to keep doing it if I already started vs going to put something on when I'm mad.

So this is where the tough part comes in.  We both agree the fight was stupid.  Do we keep our system in place or do we go with a one time waiver due to the circumstances?  At first, I was thinking a waiver is appropriate.  The last couple days I have changed my mind on that.  Here's why.  Let's say my punishment is to spend a night in the cage.  I could try and argue that we should waive it due to the fight being stupid.  Ultimately, she doesn't have to give me a reason for making me do whatever she wants.  In fact, she could say, "I will waive the punishment, but I want you to sleep in the cage because it pleases me."  There would be no argument for that.  I have already agreed to those terms.

Another plus to a punishment (whatever it may be) is I may think twice the next time something like this happens.  Maybe not.  Either way, the dynamic would continue.

One one hand I am not wanting a punishment because it will suck.  On the other hand, I want a punishment to enforce the rules.  How can rules be enforced without consequences?  I wrote this simply to let Mistress know what has been going through my mind since Monday night.

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