Saturday, July 9, 2016

Is Harsh Possible?

Last month I read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers

Julie and her husband are into some pretty hard spanking scenarios.  In fact, she likes the term beating and I would agree that's what she does.  The post I am referencing is about some of her readers saying she was "overly sadistic".  Some readers seem to be horrified that she can be that mean and that her husband is somehow being abused.

To make sure that her husband was ok with things they had a discussion.  He assured her things were just perfect.  On his part, he likes to beg her to stop and to vocalize his discomfort, but recently held back because he felt her relent. To make sure they were on the same page they decided to test things out.  They went back to square one and started with a safeword again for a practice beating.  Julie starts beating her husband, and when he starts begging her to stop, she feels herself start to let up.  She remembers the agreement and she keeps going, harder now.  It turns out she can go much harder than she thought and that he is really ok with it.  He eventually uses his safeword, not because of the beating, but because she threatens to withhold his tongue from her pussy.  I wrote this purposely vague as I think she writes this scene much better than I can paraphrase, so here is the link to the post 

The reason this post has stuck in my head, is I too yearn for harsher treatment.  I think it's hard as the dominant one to hurt someone and not know if the hurt is good or bad.  My Mistress gets turned on when she hurts me, but I also think she holds back.  Now I'm not saying I can take super harsh treatment, but I do think it's worth exploring.  This harsh treatment doesn't have to just be spankings.  It can take other forms like caging, chastity, feminization, along with the dozens of other nasty things I blog about.  Any of them can be pushed to an extreme and become harsh, which gets me hard just thinking about it.

Hopefully this post isn't taken as a pushy bottom as much as a communication.



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