Saturday, July 2, 2016

It's working!

So I have been in my new device for over 24 hours and it seems the sizing is correct.  I'll know more in the next couple days, but for now I'm very happy.  I woke up a couple time during the night with a hard on and the device was there doing its job.  I have grown somewhat accustomed to wearing a nighty every night.  I used to have naughty thoughts every time I'd wake up and realize I was in a nighty, but those have been greatly reduced due to the length of time Mistress has been forcing me to do it.   We have a stay over guest this weekend which prevents the nighty from being worn which is why Mistress has me locked up.  The device has certainly done the job of getting my mind ramped up.  Last night I had many dreams or half dreams about naughty things.  Some of the things I remember.
  • Mistress telling me I would have to have painted toenails 365 days a year.  Due to the way my heels crack when I wear flip flops, wearing shoes and socks would be necessary.  Painted toenails would enforce the requirement.
  • Mistress telling me that now that we have found a 24/7/365 chastity device, that my orgasms will be less frequent, however she intends on using my mouth and fingers much, much more.
  • Mistress telling me that now that I have two different devices that work completely different, i should be able to be locked up 24/7/365.  If one starts to be uncomfortable or irritating, than I can wear the other one until that issue clears up.
  • Mistress tells me that since I am locked up and wearing nail polish all the time, she wants to see me in more feminine attire especially when I am home. 

 In short (pun intended) being locked up and teased by Mistress makes my head spin in naughty directions.