Sunday, January 3, 2016

Setting Records

I am currently setting some personal records when it comes to chastity and orgasm denial.  Other than a couple short times out of my device, I have been locked for 16 days straight and 10 days without being released for even one second.  I am pretty certain I have only been locked for 7-10 days before.  As much as I have written over the years about how uncomfortable chastity is I think it's because I never gave it enough time.  I have noticed over the last few days that I can't feel the device like I used to.  The chaffing has subsided and the constant need to adjust is gone.  There are times my brain knows I am locked, but I truly can't feel anything.  I was afraid I was going numb, but it appears I have simply gotten used to it.  I still wish I could feel my cock when I want to, but not feeling it is a constant reminder of my place.  We will see if it stays this way next week as we get back to normal life after the holidays.

Another record is the length of time I have gone without an orgasm with Mistress.  I am currently at 24 days since  have cum.  Looking back at my orgasm log  ORGASM TRACKER my previous record was 19 days and that was last January and into February.  This time is certainly different for me as I truly want to be sexual with Mistress, but I don't want to cum.  The chemicals running through my body right now are like a powerful drug.

Lastly I have worn a nighty for the last 16 nights and I am pretty sure I have never worn one 16 nights without weaseling my way out of at least one night.

I have to admit over the last couple days of wanting to be released from chastity.  When we had some company, we had a bunch of things to do around the house.  I was going to ask for release to make things easier but decided against it.  Looking back I am glad I didn't ask.  I got through it and now it makes me proud to have endured when I didn't want to.  It also kind of hot mentally to think I was locked when we had so many people here.  I was also going to ask to be unlocked yesterday when I manscaped.  One of the frequent things you read with guys in chastity is to be let out to clean and shave.  I can certainly clean myself (especially in a bath) and with a little extra effort I can shave while still locked up.  Again I am happy I didn't ask to be released as much as I wanted it.  It reaffirms in my mind that doing things I don't think I want to do end up being a turn on for me.

Mistress recently started her period.  It reminds me of something I have seen on a couple blogs.  When the Mistress starts her period, her slave is to go into chastity and remain there until her period ends.  It's to remind him to be aware of her situation as well as to make sure he shares in her discomfort.  Some even go as far as to have their man wear panty liners as a reminder.  Humiliating but I'm sure it's effective.

In short, I am setting records only because I have truly submitted.  It takes a certain mindset to have your cock locked for weeks as well as not orgasming. Especially when my mind is so focused on being sexual.  To be able to not only endure, but to look forward to additional denial is new for me.  For the first time in my life I feel like I am truly submitting and accepting what happens instead of forcing things.  

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  1. Hopefully She'll start you on pantiliners soon... ;)