Monday, November 4, 2013


This morning I edged to the idea of true helplessness.  A place where I have no control and no say.  To wish and beg that what was happening would stop.  To use my safeword and be ignored.  Difficult, painful bondage.  Being held in a position so long muscle fatigue sets in and the body starts shaking.  Over stimulation.  Pure sensory deprivation.  Being gagged until the jaw hurts.  A good beating.  Wearing heels for an extended time or in a difficult position.  Being shocked until I am nearly in tears.  Being written on, marked, etc.  Breath play until panic sets in.  Caged.  Chastity.  Cum eating. Forced multiple orgams.  Straight Jacket. Ball torture.        

Electric torture.

Being marked up

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