Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shifting Dynamics

Before I get into the post for the day I want to describe something that Mistress did yesterday that was small, but powerful.  Mistress made a concerted effort to comment on me still wearing my pink boy shorts and camisole under my clothes.  She touched both items and asked me what they were.  I just stammered something about being naughty clothes.  I was mildly humiliated, but for some reason also greatly turned on.  I loved/hated that she brought it out into the open.  I loved that she pushed my buttons.  In fact this morning I am still wearing my items and I have to admit that I was so turned on this morning that I didn't put on any of my male clothes over my outfit until I had fed the dog and did the dishes.  It felt pretty naughty to be doing chores like that.  I imagine having to wear outfits like that without covering up.  I also fantasize of expanding my outfits like these

Things are starting to change.  After lots of discussion, I set up the cage yesterday in our basement. It's a collapsible dog kennel and I used zip ties on it to make sure it's inescapable.  It's big enough to move around in (if not restrained) but not big enough to ever get comfortable.  There is a large padlock on the door and an opening to pass items through without opening the cage.

While I am not looking forward to spending any more than 5 minutes in the cage, I have to admit I am turned on.  Not by being locked in the cage, but by the shift in Mistress's attitude.  She is already using it as a threat when there is something I do that she doesn't like.  She is using it to change my behavior, and I have to admit it's powerful.  My attitude changes quickly when it's brought up.  I haven't spent one minute in the cage and it's already working.

Not me, yet.
Mistress also expressed a changing attitude as far as starting to use me to get her sexual needs met without concerning herself with mine.  It's been quite a while since we have done that.  When I first met her and I was teaching her how male orgasm denial works, she got pretty good at using me for her pleasure and denying me.  Since then it really hasn't happened other than back in December and January when I was locked in chastity for 31 days.  There were at least a couple times where Mistress used me and had multiple orgasms while I went without.  I think she may feel some guilt about it, but there is no need.  I thrive on being treated that way.  In fact I am excited to be going back into chastity as soon as possible and being used to take care of Mistress's needs.

As a result of this changing power dynamic I woke up terribly horny.  While some men might shudder at the thought of losing control, I am excited about it.  That's not to say there won't be some fits and starts, but now we have the tools to handle them.  I am in heaven.

Finally, I may regret sharing these posts, but here are a couple cage ideas I read over the last month or so.  My horny mind is getting the better of me.

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