Monday, September 26, 2016

A great night and a humiliating week.

My 400th Post!

Last night Mistress tied me up for the first time in nearly 4 months and it was awesome.  While I was tied up, Mistress hit me in the balls, and used implements on the insides of my thighs.  She teased and edged me with her hand and the Hitachi and she also put a vibrator in my ass so I was buzzing everywhere.  After a short tease Mistress untied me and told me to take care of her.  I started with my mouth and ordered me to use my fingers.  I then switched to the Hitachi and my fingers.  I was trying to get her to squirt all over so I could lick it up.  I then put my cock inside her and quickly gave her an orgasm.  It was while I was inside her she gave me a set of instructions for the week.  She told me I had to wear something feminine (top or bottom) at all times when I am at home.  I was so horny I doubled down and said, how about I don't get to wear anything masculine while I am at home, I have to be 100% in female attire.  She agreed and added that I was also to wear something feminine under my clothes whenever I left the house and it had to be more than just panties.  I also have to paint my toenails and fingernails with clear polish.  

At this point, she told me to cum, then get dressed and then clean my cum out of her pussy.  I delayed, as it was feeling too good to be inside her.  Then the horny, submissive (and a bit buzzed from drinks we had earlier) guy I am wanted more.  I have been fantasizing about being locked in the cage.  I decided to offer my own torture.  I knew that getting dressed in feminine attire wouldn't be too big of a deal, but eating my cum would be nearly impossible especially with time passing after I came.  I wanted to make it more difficult.  I told her that I would cum inside her, then I would get up and get dressed in my cheerleader costume (since it was football Sunday) and when that was done I would clean my cum of out of her pussy with my tongue.  Failure to do so I asked her to lock me up in the cage.  She said it would be for 2 hours if I failed, and after 2 hours if I didn't have a great attitude I would be spending the night in the cage.  Now before I came, I had planned in my mind to get dressed as a cheerleader and then refuse to eat my cum, therefore I would get locked up in the cage.  In fact, if she took me to the cage without an orgasm I would have happily gone, I was that horny.

What happened was not as I planned.  I came, hard.  I then got up, put on a humiliating cheerleader costume (not really a costume as it's from a cheerleader store) and I went straight back to Mistress and put my face between her legs.  I couldn't imagine spending he next 2 hours in the cage.  I was so turned on by the amount of control Mistress was displaying.  Despite just having cum, I licked Mistress's pussy with passion and used my tongue to scoop out what I could.  Mistress told me I was done and to go feed the dog.  I spent the rest of the night in the cheerleader outfit and with sub-drop I was experiencing, I was more than humiliated.  A really good erotic humiliation.

This morning I got up and put on pink workout shorts, a pink shirt and a pink pullover along with pink socks.  I am working from home today so after my workout I will get shaved and put on something more appropriate for working from home.  

Playing everything back in my mind has been a huge turn on.  I love the helplessness of being tied up and blindfolded.  I love Mistress teasing and denying me and making me confess more and more of the things I would do.  I love/hate when Mistress makes me eat my cum, but I am getting more and more used to it.  I still fantasize and fear being locked in the cage.  The threat of it it real.  I like thinking of the cage as the thing that can make me do more and more things that challenge me.  I am embarrassed yet thrilled at the thought of being dressed up all week.  I am looking forward to being Mistress's humiliated little sissy slut that is willing to do anything she asks.  I am also looking to have more rules and protocols in place.  Things that reinforce my place in our relationship and also gives her opportunities to punish and correct me.  I yearn for ways that allow me to serve Mistress and make her desire to use me more and more.  A true sex slave...


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