Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dreaming about Femme

I don't have dreams much, or I should say I don't remember the dreams I have for the most part.  Last night I had a few.  2 were more nightmare than a dream.  The good dream was of me and my Mistress in a house with several other people, maybe 4-6.  It was morning and I was waking up in my pink, cotton, tight nighty on a  sleeper sofa in the main living area.  Mistress was next to me in bed and I wanted to get up to go pee.  Some people were up, but it was very casual.  She told me that it was ok, I could go and no one would judge me.  She told me that we had been practicing for something like this.  The reason she had me dressed feminine at home all the time now was so that when I was in public I would forget about it.  I got out of the bed and got up.  No one batted an eye.  Playing it back in my mind I realize the other people were all women.  There was nothing more to the dream.  It was pretty simple, but it did make me wake up in such a horny/feminine mood.

While on the topic of the nighty, we recently went on a trip.  We have been on many trips, and I have brought a nighty on many of those.  This trip was different because I wore a nighty every night.  I didn't "forget" to wear one even once.  I attribute this to the training and consistency Mistress has been using as well as the fear of punishment.  All good things in my book.

I do love it when Mistress pushes my feminization buttons.    

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