Monday, September 12, 2016


Mornings are usually when I am at my horniest.  Science says there is a surge of testosterone in the morning.  While I am sure that's true, I also think sleeping in something in something that focuses on my submissive side helps.  So does having ideas running through your mind.  In the hour or so before I got out of bed at 6 this morning, I had tons of thoughts going through my head.  1st, I knew as soon as I got up I would be locking myself in chastity per Mistress's orders.  Then I would replay scenarios in my head.  The one that ruled my morning was different ways of removing control from a submissive.  As a "grown ass man" with free will and such, it's very powerful to take things away from me or to force coerce me to do things other men don't have to do.

Things I currently do.

  • Shave my entire body, including my armpits.  The armpit is still a tough one for me especially in the summer.  That being said, I certainly feel owned and feminized by it.
  • Wear nighties or other feminine attire every night.  I used to let this slide, but Mistress's threats of caging me have changed that.
  • Chastity
  • Painted toenails in the winter months.
  • Cum Eating occasionally
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Make appointments for Mistress
  • Cage Time
  • Strapon
  • Mistress knows my location at all times due to GPS tracking
Things I read about online that I am sure are powerful.

  • Speech restrictions - sub not allowed to speak unless spoken to.  Sometimes enforced with a gag.  Sometimes used during arguments to establish full control.
  • Eye contact restrictions.
  • Clothing being chosen.  Having clothes picked out for me to wear (even my day to day male clothes) would definitely show control.  It's so basic to decide what to wear, having that taken away is a huge mind fuck.
  • Forced nudity
  • Having to ask permission to use bathroom, go anywhere, buy things, is very controlling.
  • Having food chosen.  Going out to a restaurant and having my food and drink chosen for me.  Like Mistress ordering me a salad and water while she has a steak and wine.  A good power move.
  • Having access to my bank accounts, email, computer etc.
  • Being restrained during non-play times i.e shackled during the day.
  • Having pictures and videos taken of me in compromising situations
  • Scheduled chores
  • Sleeping in bondage
  • Scent training
  • Corner time
  • Writing lines
As I write some of those things, I cringe as I know it would suck.  However, at the same time I know it's a great way to establish control as well as test my ability to agree to anything (with consequences for failure to comply).

As I said above, that's how my morning started.  I am now locked in chastity and my mind is a fog on submissive thoughts.  I am a lucky slave.  

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