Friday, September 23, 2016

In an alternate universe

Back when I met my Mistress I was going through a divorce.  I had no intention of being in any sort of long term relationship any time soon.  For that reason, while I was looking for someone dominant to date, I was more than open to dating someone that identified as a submissive.  When I first met Mistress, she told me she was more submissive, but at the same time wasn't that experienced in D/s other than occasional bedroom play.  Early on, I did get to dominate Mistress, and had a great time doing it, but she found out it really wasn't for her.  Since then, 99% of our time together has been with me submitting to her.  That being said, I occasionally yearn to practice the dominant side of my deviant mind.  Last night I had trouble sleeping and allowed myself to imagine what life would be like if Mistress was actually a submissive or an occasional switch.  Oh, the things I would make her do...

  • At times I would pick out her clothes.  I would have her wear short skirts or short shorts and high heels when going to lunch during or grocery shopping.
  • Some mornings I would have her set her alarm so she could wake me with her hands or mouth.
  • I would make her play with herself in the car while I drove, or have her play with me

  • I would make her wear heavier makeup when we go out to a new place.
  • I would tie her down and use our fucking machine on her at a really slow pace to drive her crazy.  After an hour or so, I would turn it up and make her come multiple times. 
  • When out in public, I would make her go into the bathroom and take her panties off and bring them back to me.
  • I would make her send me compromising photos during the day.
  • Go to a strip bar and get lap dances while she watches.
  • Take her to a Pro-Domme and watch her get dominated.

  • Make her find porn to send to me.
  • Have her flash me in public.
  • Have her wear a skirt to the movie with no panties so I can play with her.
  • Make her reach into her panties whenever I ask so I can taste her.
  • Have her clean off my cock with her mouth after sex.
  • Buy her latex panties with a plug to wear so she gets all squishy
  • Make her masturbate for me
  • Have her create a profile on a dating site for women using an email address we share
  • Put her in predicament bondage positions

  • Put her in chastity
  • Use cupping cups on her nipples to make them stick out more

In short, I would probably be meaner to her than she is to me.  That could create some interesting tit for tat situations.  That being said, I don;t think I could get Mistress to go for too many of these things.  Oh well, I bet I would...


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