Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Femme all day

I haven't worn an item of male clothing since Sunday at around 6pm.  When I fantasize about being dressed in women's clothes, my fantasy is of me in a terribly slutty outfit, with makeup, a wig and me teetering around the house in high heels.  The reality is a little different.  Mistress has given me autonomy to dress how I want, and the only rule is no male clothes at home and I can't wear the same thing twice.  Yesterday I was in my pink workout clothes and then later some black lace boy-shorts, Capri jeans and razor back camisole.  I later added a pink sweater as it was chilly.  I also painted my finger and toenails with a polish that is one shade darker than clear nail polish.

Fantasy vs. Reality

I am dressing a little more low key than I had hoped.  I am blaming it on my orgasm on Sunday.  Also Mistress isn't directing what I wear.  That is forcing me to own what I am wearing and to acknowledge deep down that I enjoy wearing women's clothes.  Now this isn't "forced feminization" as I am not being "forced", but I can certainly call it coerced.  She suggested and I agreed that any deviation would result in cage time for me.  Either way, deep down I like it, as much as I hate to admit it.

Wearing these clothes for so long as well as having to pick out my own outfits is causing me to feel a bit more feminine on the inside.  I love the coziness of what I have been wearing as women's clothes are made with such nicer fabric than male clothes.  Since Mistress has told me that I can't wear the same thing more than once, that will be a challenge later this week as my outfits will become more and more risque' out of necessity.  I am dreading and looking forward to it at the same time.

The best part of all this week;s experiment is that I am becoming less embarrassed about being dressed in front on Mistress in a non-sexual or D/s way.  While I am a very masculine guy, I am also getting comfortable with it, it could feel "normal" to me.  If Mistress really wanted it, I hate to admit, but I can see this being a long term part of our relationship.  When she looks at me dressed this way with a certain evil look in her eyes, it goes deep into my soul.  There is something about her hugging me and kissing me when I am wearing clothes like this. that I feel almost like her girl friend.

Yesterday I had mentioned rules and protocols.  Based on the conversation Mistress and I had the other night during sex, I think she would like to add some protocols.  I have come up with some ideas.

  • Making her coffee in the morning.
  • Kneeling at her feet when she snaps her fingers
  • Kissing Mistress feet or shoes on command (just to make a point)
  • Open and close the car door for her at all times
  • Filling Mistress glass whenever it runs low
There are hundreds more protocols out there, but I don't want to lead too much.  I do like the concept as a way to keep my mind focused as well as giving her additional opportunities to punish misdeeds.


  1. Great blog! In reading the last two posts it appears that you are enjoying the deeper dive into your fantasies. Congrats!

    I am curious which fucking machine you own. You reference it several times on your blog but I didn't see any image of it. Maybe a review of it would make a good topic for a new post.

  2. Sorry for the delay. The machine we own is the HugHer machine. We barely use it, but I do have something I can certainly write up in the future.