Saturday, September 17, 2016

Looking to the future

Thursday night Mistress and I had mind blowing sex.  We talked about me being in the cage as well as Mistress being meaner to me.  Even though I had an orgasm I am back on "10" again.  I've been thinking about my post Insecurity can go both ways

If Mistress had doubts about putting me in the cage, what other doubts might she have?  Is it possible she wants to do things to me she isn't sure about.  Does she want to set rules she is afraid I won't follow.  Does she want to set protocols for me to follow?  Does she want to make me do things more often but isn't sure how I will react?

I have focused so much on my issues that I haven't a lot of thought about her challenges.  That being said, I am more open to being an absolute slave than I have been in years.  Mistress's recent bossiness has got my mind reeling (in a good way).  I am hoping her dominant attitude gets more and more confident so that she can really put me in my place.

While I am a submissive, I have a very creative dominant brain.  If Mistress ever gave me the opportunity to dominate her again, I would have no problem treating her the way I yearn to be treated.  In fact, I'd be worried about how she would treat me after the way I would treat her.

In closing, this post is simply to say that I hope Mistress is having fun, and I hope she can fulfill all of the darker things she has fantasized about making me do.  I know I am up for the challenge.        

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