Saturday, September 10, 2016

Moving forward

Mistress responded positively to my last post.  We had sex that night and told me that she did indeed have lots of time to deal with me.  With changes at work she could certainly put me under her thumb as much as she needed/wanted to.  She told me I would be plugging myself for 2 hours on Friday.  Failure to do so would put me in the cage for a long time.  She also reminded me that I owe her some cage time.  She added that during cage time I will be dressed in humiliating ways to add to the effect.  I have the feeling that she will be breaking me of some of my issues.  I'm hoping my post gives her the confidence to embrace her dominant side and give her tools to handle me when I disobey.  I am determined to be an obedient submissive, I just need help at times when I have insecurities and feelings of guilt.  I assured her I would love it if she had more control.  Control over my computer, money, clothing, etc.   I woke up super horny this morning even though I just came a couple days ago.  I believe it's due to the prospect of where this can take us.

Last night Mistress allowed me to skip wearing a nighty but only if I would wear feminine boy shorts and a camisole.  I picked out a pair of pink women's boxer briefs and a pink spaghetti strap camisole.  Waking up in this outfit my cock was straining against the shorts.  I tossed and turned this morning thinking of getting some feminine sleep outfits.  I thought about Mistress putting perfume in my nighty drawer as an added mind fuck.  I also thought about having to sleep in various forms of bondage.  Cuffs, even if not attached to anything, straight jacket, etc.  That's when I came to the realization that if Mistress makes me wear feminine clothes to bed every night that I will spend one third of the rest of my life cross dressed.  The thought of it makes my head spin a bit.  I am so horny that I am still wearing my outfit under my house clothes.

I just wanted to write a quick post about how lucky I feel to have been able to define my issues and move forward with my total submission to my Mistress.

A couple days ago I found this.  Normally a list like this is something I can;t agree with 100% and I would edit something out.  In this case I feel every one of these things.

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