Monday, October 17, 2016

Life gets in the way

It's been 3 weeks since my last orgasm.  I'd like to say it's due to some wild and kinky long term scene Mistress and I have been playing out.  In reality I have had some health issues come up that have precluded any real kink and has even taken my mind out of the kink space for some time.

Starting today that changes until I have to go back for additional treatment.  I can honestly say that I am feeling better than I have since early August.  The last few days my mind has going back to my happy place.  I have been fantasizing about Femdom related activities and have been slowly catching up on some blogs.  Today I find myself back in feminine wear whenever I am at home and in feminine wear under my male clothes when I go out.

Having a health scare has put some things into perspective.  Mistress and I are working on making our lives a little more simple.  Long term plans are to get out of the rat race and live somewhere cheap and relaxing.  I also hope to live with me more and more as a dedicated servant to my Mistress.  I've realized that this lifestyle suits us and I want to go deeper into my submission.  10 years from now I don't want to look back and wish I was a better slave.  I want to be that slave today and I want Mistress to totally get off on owning me and making me do whatever her heart desires.

As part of going deeper into submission, I have been fantasizing about rituals and routines.  Being dressed in feminine wear is a good start.  It's hard to maintain a tough guy attitude when I am in frilly clothes.  I am back to making Mistress coffee every morning.  I still imagine more D/s type protocols.  I'd rather Mistress find protocols that work for her but I still go back to kneeling and kissing her feet.  I found a quote about a woman's perspective on her slave kissing her feet, "she told me that at first this made her uncomfortable, then she thought it was "sweet," then she came to expect it!"  

To me a protocol is something to always keep my mind thinking submissively.  From kissing feet to opening card doors to kneeling when she snaps her fingers, any "forgetting" is dealt with until it becomes second nature.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Paltego at for mentioning this blog on his blog.  I have read his site for many years so getting mentioned was a nice surprise.  It also gave my blog a nice little readership bump.

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