Monday, February 10, 2014

Today's Edge - Helpless

I've often fantasized about being helpless.  It's hard to describe the feeling, but I am guessing the guy below is feeling pretty helpless.  The person that posted the pics called it a "one hour clothespin scene" I imagine I would be hard during the bondage phase and occasionally during the scene, but I also imagine after about 10-15 minutes I would not be liking it anymore.  The clothespins would suck, especially the ones between his toes and on his rib cage.  In addition his hood is tied to his toes to force his head back.  The first 5-10 minutes I would be saying to myself how hot it was.  15-30 minutes, I would be thinking this sucks but I can get through it.  30-45 would be me starting to squirm and get pissed off.  45-60 would be total surrender.  The beauty of bondage like this is Mistress would not have to do anything other than watch.  Very little effort to totally put someone in their place.  This scene made me edge pretty quick imagining myself in it.  I am reminded of the saying, "it's not bondage until you want out" to be particularly true here.

Hooded, bound and gagged with clothes pins in places where they count.

Here we tie his head to his toes for more stress.

Front view

He can move just a little.

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