Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today's Edge - Very Mean Mistress Blog

In my post the other day regarding one Mistress giving advice to the other, I have been reading some of the more experienced Mistress's posts.  While a lot of what she does is extreme (in my mind), the fact she gets off on it so much is a very hot concept to me.  The meaner she is, the stronger HER orgasms are.  I edged to the posts below.  Some quick quotes that stuck in my mind and links to the full post afterward.

Subjecting him to hours of sensory deprivation bondage on the BDSM gynecological style bed –with visits for me, every hour or so, to tease and edge and deny, use my smacking ruler

Had him in his shortened maid’s outfit with his suspenders and long cream woolen socks, (see previous post), to make my lunch, clean the bathroom, do a huge pile of ironing, prepare the evening meal. Caned him several times for infringements.

Again, he was completely secured to the bed last night for three hours. I had him wearing his straight jacket and I secured his head gear to the bed head, along with his ankles to the bed which are in cuffs, and wearing a gag, blindfold and ear plugs too.

He was in the bondage for over 4 hours. I visited him about 6 times and I have never been so mean... 
 I had 6 orgasms in all on Sunday and they were all massive! There is no doubt the intensity is directly proportional to how mean I am

Soon enough he found himself bound legs wide apart, at ankle and knee, head strapped into place, silicone ear plugs, funnel gag, blindfold, straightjacket and baby video monitor. And there he stayed for 5 hours. Before the gag was fixed in place I did queen him for some lovely worship of my most secret places. (twice).

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