Thursday, February 13, 2014

If only all these pics were submissive men

I am unable to edge today, but going through my blog list, these really pushed my buttons.  It's just too bad it's girls in the posts and not a submissive males...

I don’t believe she took Me seriously when I told her I was a sadist. 

I’m sure she imagined a bit of rough sex and perhaps a spanking. 

Now she is standing there, a tack under each heel, holding a penny against the wall with her nose. 

I’ve given her the simple task of holding the position for ten minutes. 

Each time the penny drops it’s ten lashes on her lovely ass and the timer starts over. 

After the third time the penny hit the floor she asked, “why?”

So I told her, as I delivered another ten to her tender ass. 

"I love the way your body strains to do as I’ve instructed. I love how you push yourself to please Me. Most of all, I love watching those tears run down your cheeks. I did say that I was a sadist."

That is when she smiled.

"Thank You.", she said, and placed her nose against the penny once more. 

I had found a masochist.

I can totally imagine Mistress with her strap-on doing this to me.

And this...

And this

And this...

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