Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today's Edge - 3 Fantasies

Today Mistress ordered me into a camisole, tight leggings at work as well as a butt plug.  Additionally I was ordered to edge for 30 minutes.  It's been some time since I have edged, and normally I would do it before getting ready for work.  Due to today's schedule I edged while wearing the ordered items as well as a butt plug that sits right on my prostate.

I edged to several thoughts.

The first was having a cathartic tease session.  The first would be a nasty messy edging session.  Mistress would have me tied down tightly and would be bringing me to the edge time and again.  Lube would be liberal, and she would also be making a bigger mess by cumming all over me.  She might gag with dirty cum filled panties, a dildo gag or nothing.  The goal would be to keep me frustrated and as horny as possible.  I actually fantasized about not any orgasm, but multiple leaks from my cock and then being ordered to clean up and get dressed.

The 2nd would be a cathartic discipline session.  Not because I need to be punished, but I'm yearning to release a ton of endorphins as well as feel helpless.  I imagine a small warm up and then a slow severe beating. In my fantasy Mistress wouldn't stop before I safeworded.  Using a safeword would not mean the beating would end, it would just mean that I need it to go at least that far.  She would beat my body.  She would beat my cock and balls.  She would torture my nipples with clamps, sharp items, and make them an angry red color.  She would slap my face or rape my mouth with a dildo.  My breathing would be restricted.  In my fantasy, I want to surrender completely.  It might even be fun to record it or do it live online.  I may or may not get any relief from Mistress.

Lastly, I imagined a total forced feminization session.  Mistress would take the role of a man or a dominant lesbian and I would be dressed as my alter ego Sophia.  I would be locked in chastity to make my cock be a non factor.  I would be forced to suck Mistress' cock, to impale myself on her cock, and to take her cock inside me.  The only thing sexual I would get would be my lipstick covered mouth or my sissy pussy.  Mistress would have me lick and suck her pussy, fuck her with her glass dildo or for an extra mind fuck I would have to fuck her while wearing a strap-on.  I would be fucking her while my locked cock and balls swing uselessly between my legs.  In this fantasy I would not have an orgasm unless it was from penetration and I would have to stay in femme clothes until told otherwise.

Since I was edging with my prostate massager in, I was very quick to edge.  I would stop, and as my cock spasmed, the plug would spasm against my prostate, and I would dribble a little.  It reminded me of a few times when I would edge, and then I would fuck myself with the plug while cum would dribble out of my cock.  It's a pretty efficient way of draining the balls with nothing even close to an orgasm.  

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