Monday, April 22, 2013

Still in a mood...

Last night Mistress tied me spread eagle on the bed.  Within no time I was the edge of cumming from her very magic hand.  She hit my balls several times and they were very full and sensitive.  She also hit the insides of my thighs lightly with some of her evil implements.  What surprised me was how fast I got into subspace.  My head was spinning and I was amazingly horny.  I would have done almost anything she told me to do at that point.  I so wanted to be a humiliated, tortured, and used.  I wanted her fluids all over me.  I wanted to be deep inside her and have her deep inside me.  I wanted to be violated.  She put my cum crusted panties on my face.  I wanted them to be forced in my mouth and tied there.  I wanted her to make me suck on them or lick them until all the cum was out of them.  I wanted her verbally taunt me and tell me what a nasty little cum sucker I was.  I wanted her to flood my mouth with her juices.

Mistress and I did discuss me wearing her collar again.  We discussed her having more control over me since we are now domestic partners.  She also told me I would be wearing a nighty to bed every night this week as well as panties on our vacation next week.   We also discussed me being in chastity for a prolonged period of time as punishment for losing my previous collar.  After Mistress used my cock to give herself a very wet orgasm, she decided to give me an orgasm, a ruined one.  Lucky for me I was able to enjoy about 60-70% of the orgasm before she pulled her hand away.  I don't think I will be that lucky for long as she perfects her technique.

This morning I woke up in my nighty and instantly got a hard on.  It's hard to not wake up in a submissive mood when you spend your night in a nighty or something D/s related.  The funny part is even with a somewhat ruined orgasm, I am still up for all of the things that were running in my head when she had me desperately on the edge.  My head has been spinning in that subspace way for most of the morning.  This morning I edged to the thought of her putting me in heels in our stockade and beating my ass until I safe-worded or beyond.   I also thought about her making me fuck myself in the ass while she masturbated.  I thought about her using my cock every day for her pleasure or to have me use her favorite glass dildo on her while I go without.  I thought about being shackled with the heavy iron leg and wrist shackles while she is at work, or being femme for 24 hours straight.  My last thought before I stopped edging was thinking about having my nipples abused badly by Mistress.

I love my Mistress very, very much.

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