Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nipple Torture

Almost 3 years ago I got my nipples pierced.  My plan was to be able to use the piercings for D/s games such as weights, feminine nipple jewelry, predicament bondage, etc.

The problem is my nipples never really healed.  They got overly sensitive to where any mild stimulation was overly painful.  In addition one of my piercings began to migrate, so about 6 weeks ago I removed them.  I used to have "innie" nipples, and the piercing has no made them "outties" which I prefer.

That brings me to this mornings edge.  I edged thinking about Mistress torturing my nipples.  I thought of being tied up and having her start with nipple suction to get the nipples engorged with blood.

After they were nicely filled with blood, Mistress would take one clover clamp and put it on one nipple.  She would then move it every 5 minutes to the other nipple to keep the pain going back and forth.  Worse than the clamp going on, is it coming off.  Far worse.  She would do this until I safe worded (or longer).

I can also imagine this device, with the screw being turned every few minutes to increase the tension or nipple being tied to the ceiling winch forcing my on my tip toes.

I also imagine being put in a very difficult predicament bondage position.  I treid to find me with the nipples in predicament but couldn't.  I imagine nipple clamps being tied to my ankle straps and just left to be.  The tension would be killer.

I can also see her using the wartenburg wheel on my nipples and also something like an emery board or sand paper.  I have read about Icy Hot being good for nipple torture (not to mention other body parts). 

I can imagine doing this so long my nipples would be chapped and they would be sore for a few days.  The device below is devious  It's got either sand paper or little spikes in it.  Used alone or after nipple torture it would be a constant reminder.

Lastly I imagine having to torture my own nipples while Mistress is out of town. She would warn me that there better be some sort of marks to prove I was sufficiently mean to myself or there would be hell to pay...

What an edge I had!

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