Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Breath Play

This morning I woke up in my nighty and quickly got a hard on while contemplating that I have to wear a nighty all week.  I woke up a few times during the night and had to readjust my nighty.  It's very hard to not think nasty thoughts when you are a guy sleeping in a nighty at your Mistress' command.

While edging this morning I wanted to stray from my usual edging material and I fantasized about breath play. There is something so amazingly hot about the control you give someone when they are in control of your breathing.  There are also several ways to do breath play.  From the instant panic you can create by covering a mouth and nose on an exhale, to the long and torturous way of restricting the breathing so they can still get air, but it;s a lot of work to stay focused and breathe slow enough to not panic.  Add in some bondage and some pain and/or pleasure and you have created an endorphin rush that is hard to beat.

My favorite breath control is having a plastic bag placed over my head and secured with a large rubber band.  The bag is large enough to allow a lot of time before panic sets in, and the rubber band keeps it in place until Mistress opens the bag.  The rubber band allows the bag to be open and closed easily without having to be redone like I see when people tape the bag.  From there some teasing makes the experience even better.  As I lose oxygen I get all sub-spacy.  The more oxygen I lose, the less stimulation I need on my cock to keep me close to the edge.  To be taken to panic several times all while being stimulated is so good I cannot put it into words.  Knowing I can't remove the bag due to my hands being restrained is the ultimate power exchange in my mind.

Today's edge had me thinking of this as well as some things I haven't yet tried.  Here are some of the things I edged to.

  • Being smothered by my Mistress' pussy while having my balls busted.  I would be fighting for every breath while I screamed into her pussy.  
  • Being restrained in a bath tub and forced to keep my head below water to have my cock stroked.  When I come up for air on my own, my cock is ignored.  I can only imagine what would happen when I was ready to cum.
  • Being beat while bagged.  The pain would either get worse or better depending on the oxygen level in the bag
  • Vacuum bed breath play.  The vacuum bag is so tight, breath play is even scarier.
  • Water boarding or at least trying to breathe through a wet towel.
  • Super tight collar making every breath difficult.
  • Noose Play or a belt around the neck.  I love the pictures of people having to decide between the cramp in their tippy toes or breathing.
  • Cutting off blood to the brain vie the arteries in the neck.
  • Being put into a stress position where breathing is one of the choices (last picture below)
  • My mouth duct taped shut and and nose pinched or clamped over and over.
  • Kissing while being bagged
*** Do not ever do breath play by yourself.  No one is there to help when you mess up and you will eventually mess up.

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