Thursday, April 18, 2013


This morning's edge had me edging to the thought of wearing feminine items.  I was thinking about my painted toenails which made me think of painted fingernails or even fake nails.  I thought about Miss Bossy Bitch enforcing a panties only policy again.  I imagined having to wear pantyhose or stockings and a bra or camisole for extended periods of time and she would make me send her pictures as proof.  I imagined having to wear black opaque stockings with no socks when I went to visit customers.  I would imagine they would know, but it's likely they wouldn't even notice.  I imagine MBB making me keep my little tuft of pubic hair in a feminine style.  I imagine being told to wear feminine deodorant as well as mascara. I imagine Mistress having me wear something Femme at night when she comes home from work.  I imagined having to wear women's shorts around the house and yard on the weekends.  The would be deniable from a distance, but not close up.

I imagined Mistress asking for my credit card and she would go online and buy things for me as a humiliating surprise.  Or she would make me buy things in person (I get butterflies just thinking about it).  For my last edge I imagined Mistress would make me post my Sophia pictures online with my face blurred.

I love my Mistress!

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