Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vacation Edge

Last night I had a suspicion my Mistress was going to tell me to not wear a nighty.  I don't know why, and had she offered it, I would have taken her up on it.  She didn't offer it, and I am grateful she didn't.  I think in my own mind I was feeling silly and reluctant, but since I wore it and thought about it every single time I woke up during the night, it had a huge effect on me.  I like that I did something I didn;t want to do, and am better for it.   I am also impossibly horny.

Today's edge had me thinking about our vacation coming up and a couple blog posts I have read about other D/s couple's vacations.  On one of them the Mistress packed a hair brush and a strap on.  It was her slaves job each day to ask for a paddling and a pegging.  If he failed to ask even one day, he would be in for a leather strap whipping when they got home.  They even went as far as to leave the strap on and lube out so the hotel staff would know he was taking it in the ass.

The other blog had it where the sub had to come 3 times a day until they got home.  By the last day even after an hour of trying he just couldn't cum.

My own thoughts were being tied to the bed with Mistress cum (or both of our cum) smeared all over my face and left to dry while Mistress took her shower.   I too though about getting spankings, wearing nipple clamps, a butt plug, feminine items, or other D/s stuff while on vacation.  I also thought about giving my Mistress as much sex as she can handle without any D/s context.   Either way I will be a happy guy.

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