Saturday, April 6, 2013

In a mood

I am lying in bed in my nighty.  I have been awake since 5:30 thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts.  I will soon be masturbating into a pair of panties per my Mistress' instructions.  I realized that this is the first time in probably 6-7 years I knew in advance that I was going to cum. It's a little mind boggling since before I embraced the orgasm denial lifestyle, I came just about every day and on those days multiple times.

I wanted to write before I came as I know that as soon as I do my libido will drop and I wanted to get some of the things running through my mind written down as they are especially twisted today.  Mistress wanted to get some things done around the house and get a little alone time.  I can appreciate that as I get a good amount of alone time.  She works so hard that she has little time to herself.  That made me think of what she could do when we no longer have our 2nd home.  I imagined her telling me she needed another weekend to herself, but this time I would be locked in the dungeon for an entire weekend.  I would be locked in chains and chastity, but more or less free to roam, but I would be locked in the room.  I also imagined Mistress forcing Sophia (my feminine side) to find an online Master and do anything he made Sophia do.  I imagined  my Mistress beating me in front of her D/s curious friend. I imagined Mistress having Sophia drive her to the airport.  I imagined Mistress making me deposit a certain amount of money each paycheck into an account and she would use that to buy D/s or feminine things for her/us.  I imagined Mistress finding ways to test my submission, trying to get me to tell her no.  I imagined sunbathing in my bikini bottoms again this summer.  I imagined Mistress cumming all over my face time and again.  I imagined Mistress wearing a pair of panties each day and making me wear the same dirty pair the next day. I imagined Mistress tying me to the bed and torturing my balls like that girl in the video in yesterday's post. I imagined Mistress making me give her an orgasm every day with no orgasms for me.  I imagine Mistress keeping a bunch of toys out on the dresser to keep them in her mind and to make them easily accessible.  Ahh,  now it's time to cum.  I so don't want to do this...

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