Wednesday, April 24, 2013

100th Post - Today's Edge

Today I edged to a blog I was reading.    It reminds me a lot of me/us. especially the 1st post.

Here are some of the paragraphs I read that made me have to stop stroking so I wouldn't cum.

My Weekend as a Maid

Mistress was visiting Her family last weekend so I was left behind to bring the apartment into a state of complete cleanliness. We have been traveling recently as well as were quite busy at work, so our place did look quite as neat and clean as I would have liked. It's not that it was dirty, it just wasn't perfect. Well the bathroom was pretty gross. And the kitchen quite a bit too. This was really bothering me because what kind of sissy maid can possibly live in a place like this.

That was all to change this weekend, however, as Mistress laid out the rules on Saturday morning before She left.

1. Wear panties every day. Before leaving, Mistress picked out three pairs of panties - black, white and pink for me to wear (She does this every morning). I decided to save the pink lacy ones to greet Mistress in on Monday.

2. Wear maid's uniform, including the (link to shoes) new maid shoes, except during times of heavy cleaning so as to avoid staining and damaging it. You can see my outfit laid out for me in the picture above.
3. No unauthorized touching or masturbating, except on both evenings I was going to be alone I was ordered to masturbate and bring myself to the edge and then stop.
4. Practice eye-makeup techniques on both days.
5. Wear the pink nightie from Victoria's Secret to bed every night.

Makeup & Make out
On the way from work today, Mistresses mentioned that She would "want to play tonight". This probably coincided with the fact that my brand new maid shoes were scheduled to arrive today, after we missed the delivery yesterday. However, when we got home Mistress said She wants to play dress-up. When we play dress-up, Mistress usually puts me in some nice skimpy clothes and heels and let's me go about my business in the apartment while She occasionally observes me and harasses me sexually. This time though, She wanted to put on some makeup as well.

Naturally I immediately got very excited but there was still laundry needed to be done and I also wanted to get my treadmill exercise out of the way so that we can both enjoy this evening and let it smoothly morph into a peaceful and restful night. After everything was finished I took a long shower, shaved my cock and balls as well as my face for Mistress who likes it smooth. I was then put into a burgundy corset and matching lacy boy-cut panties.

I got in immediate erection which lasted pretty much until we were done playing. But I am under a strict no-touching policy and Mistress was certainly in no mood to touch it either. I may have already mentioned that I am currently in orgasm denial training, slowly working my way up to being orgasm-free for at least a month (or longer) at a time. I am currently going for two weeks and seeing how my last release (and a spectacular one at that) was on Sunday night, I gave up all hopes of penis-related pleasure and started enjoying the sexual frustration.

Mistress ordered me to bring Her all Her make-up and spent the next half hour or so applying make-up on my face, while I was sitting in front of Her on the floor. She focused on my eyes - mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, even curling my eyelashes - in the end creating what I thought was a perfect eye-makeup. To complete the image, Mistress brought both wigs and tried them on, eventually choosing with the light brunette one. Then followed the necklace and clip-on earrings.When I saw myself in the mirror I was quite amazed, I barely recognized my face. Wow ... what a change. Mistress must have liked what She saw as well because out of the blue She suggested that at some point in the future, when I lose bit more weight and acquire a bit more feminine figure, we should go together on a trip to a place where we do not know anyone, She would then dress me up and we would go out together. I must stay this is an exciting prospect but nonetheless a big step for me and my ego . But I would definitely want to try this at some point. Mistress kindly offered to look for a dress for me, we would then print the picture of it and leave on the fridge door as a constant remainder of what I am struggling to achieve. So far She only found one dress - at Frederick's of Hollywood. It is the one in the picture to the right.

Well, at this point I was very horny and felt to be in need of some emotional fulfillment. I asked Mistress if She wouldn't mind me worshiping Her body for a while. She rarely turns down an opportunity like this, She likes is when I suggest cuddling or petting, although She naturally can say no as She is clearly in charge of this relationship. She took a quick shower and a few minutes later we were in bed - me still dressed up, with my wig and makeup on - gently kissing and caressing each others bodies. Stuff like this makes me quite hard which Mistress knows so She made sure to "accidentally" touch my cock through the panties every now and then. Eventually I proceeded to kiss Her neck, nibble on Her nipples before moving onto Her exquisite pussy and pleasuring Her with tongue.
I have done this many times before but I don't think I was ever dressed like this and I must say it was an entirely different experience. Sooooooexciting. After several minutes She had a beautiful orgasm and then we cuddled until She fell asleep on my arm. She is so beautiful! I almost fell asleep as well but at the last moment forced myself to get up to remove my makeup and to tidy up the apartment a bit. And to share my fresh experience with the readers of this blog of course!

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