Sunday, October 18, 2015

Other D/s Couples

One of the best things about the internet is that you quickly learn that you are more normal than society wants you to realize.  I was into bondage before I knew there was such a thing.  I loved being the tied up kid whenever we played cops and robbers, cowboys and indians or any other game kids play that require someone to be a captive.  I especially liked it when my best friends older sisters "captured" me.  I had long detailed fantasies about being the popular girls' slave in junior high and the nasty things they would make me do.  As an adult, I obviously knew about BDSM, but to get any new information I had to go to adult bookstores in the bad part of town.  Just walking into those places made me feel dirty.  Then came 1996 and consistent internet access.  There was a whole world of D/s, all from the comfort of your own home.  I quickly learned that millions of people around the world shared my interest.  Being a guy that occasionally like to wear girls underwear or tied tied up and humiliated was no longer a bad thing.  To be fair, I still hide it as society really doesn't allow us to "some out", but I'm OK with that as I don't have any need for people who know me to know me any more than they already do.

That brings me to this posts topic.  Other D/s couples and what I like about them.  Here are some in no particular order.

Strict Julie Spanks! - Recently this is the one I am drawn to the most.  What I like, she gives her husband spankings that scare me just reading about them, but I still find them super hot.  She also finds ways to bring women into their house for the sole purpose of humiliating her man.  Some of my favorite posts are.  

femdom101 - This one sticks in my mind for 2 reasons.  1.  She found out about Femdom unintentionally.  She found out her husband had been visiting a pro-domme.  While she naturally freaked out, she also wanted to find out why.  It turns out it wasn't about being with other women, it was about being controlled.  She befriended the pro-domme and learned what made him tick.  the second reason is the "cage time" she instituted while she was learning.  It allowed him to submit and her to know she had full control.  The ides of being in a cage turns me on and scares me.

Real Life Female Domination - This one gets me hot for one reason.  She's a total bitch to her boy.  She frequently ties him down and sets up a long and torturous session but for the most part requires little effort on her part.  She uses it to get some "alone time".  For most of these sessions she puts earplugs or headphones in his ears.  She blindfolds him before putting a mask on him.  She gags him with a funnel in his mouth that she either spits in or puts ice in (the ice is usually made from her piss and/or his cum).  She then reads books and watches TV shows and she uses a baby monitor to keep an eye on his safety.  Usually once or twice an hour she will edge him, or hurt his cock with a ruler or icy-hot on his cock and balls (a very painful and long lasting punishment) or nettles (something Mistress had me try on my cock at a fetish event we attended.  For 1-4 hours his only world is the pain she puts him through and the taste of her piss.  He can't see, hear or feel anything other than her bitchiness.  Very scary, and very hot.

This girl's weblog - of life married to a deviously dominant madman! - This one is with a female submissive, but I like it because of how elaborate their setups are.  

Deviant Display - Just hot with their outfits and their exhibitionism.  That and he seems locked in chastity quite a bit.
The family dog

Barefoot Princess - I can't vouch or their relationship, but I believe they are in one as he has been in all of her videos for years.  The reason I like her videos is due to how "mean" she is to her boy.  He is usually tied uncomfortably. If he comes without permission she abuses his balls after he cums and laughs the whole time.  She squeezes and kneads his balls while at the same time stroking his cock.  And lastly she makes him eat lots and lots of cum.  My favorite scene is where she has him in a cage.  His condom covered cock sticks out one end and his head is at the other end with a funnel in his mouth.  She uses a Hitachi to get him to cum in the condom and once he comes she dumps it in the funnel.  Very hot.

About to cum in condom and then eat it
Another cum eating scene
What will she do with that funnel?

A great example of holding a coin up with his nose.  His back will hurt soon.

 There are a lot of other blogs out there with great ideas, but I like these because they seem to be in loving relationships and make my weirdness seem a little more normal.

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