Thursday, October 15, 2015

Other thoughts

I have completed 3 days of uninterrupted chastity and am starting on my 4th day.  I have added a counter to the blog so that everyone that reads this blog will know my current situation.

Last night Mistress was understandably upset with me about something in our real life, so she made me wear a nighty again and didn't roll a dice to see if I would be let out for the night.  In reality I wasn't at all upset that she wasn't going to roll the dice as I have totally accepted the fact that I will be locked up for a minimum of 7 days straight.  In fact it's a mental goal I have.  If I can do a week with no issues after being unlocked for almost a year, I can likely do any amount of time. The idea of being released for even a few hours is more of a mind fuck.  It's like the warden telling the prisoner he's about to get paroled just to fuck with him.

While I wasn't upset about being unlocked, I was upset that I didn't treat Mistress better last night.  She had a tough day and I didn't pick up on how tough it was.  So I was mad at myself for disappointing her.  I try to serve her in many ways and one of those being her sounding board when she's had a tough day.  I can do better.

The fact I was upset with myself made the nighty and another night in chastity a fitting punishment in my mind while I drifted off to sleep.  The many times I awoke during the night reinforced my mental state as her slave.  As such, I woke in an extremely submissive, horny and feminine mood.

Obviously chastity is at the top of my mind, but that doesn't mean I don't have other thoughts.  Mistress and I just got a new bathtub.  We're having some issues with it, but when it's repaired I fantasize about something like this.  Very, very hot.

Now I am off to shave my body and re-do my nail polish.  Today toenails will be pink and fingernails with a tiny bit of color (not clear).

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