Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So it begins

I have now been locked up over 24 hours and as much as I hate to admit it, it is going better than I expected.  By changing my mindset from dreading it to embracing it I am better prepared to handle the challenges of chastity.  By accepting that the reason I am in chastity is 100% my fault and allows me to deal with it.

My first day in chastity reminded me of some of the difficulty of being in chastity, but with every pinch, pain or frustration I had, I told myself, this is how you make Mistress feel by your actions.  I'm owning how I have acted and how that has affected her.  I am accepting (dare I say enjoying) my fate.

Wearing my device with pride, and bruises.
As soon as my head hit the pillow last night my mind started racing.  I thought about how the next week will be, how Mistress will likely be in my head and fuck with me, keeping me on my toes.  I thought about her leaving my key in her desk at work.  I thought about how I'm lucky I wasn't in a nighty too.  Talk about a night filled with images...

Last night I made dinner using a spice called cumin.  We made a couple jokes about how lately I have loved cumin in recipes and the joke quickly got to how I love cumming.  Mistress mentioned that she is intending on making me cum in the next couple days and locking me back up immediately.  I told her that was mean and she said, "I know that.  You said you wanted me to be meaner".  To which I confessed I truly did want her to be meaner and thought to myself "much meaner".

All of that being said, I am feeling a little oversexed right now.  Chastity is the ultimate mind fuck.  When I am unlocked, I can forget about my cock, and therefore forget about touching myself, forget about sex, forget about porn, etc.  I can pretty much delegate sexual thoughts out of my mind, even though I have full access to my cock.

When I am locked and I want to push thoughts to the back of my mind, I cannot.  All I can do is think about my cock, which makes me want to touch it, makes me want to cum, makes me want to fuck Mistress, and makes me a sexual mess.  There is no pushing sexual thoughts out for more than a few minutes at a time.

That being said, now that I am locked up, I can make up a "scene idea" for chastity.  The reason I didn't do it sooner was I was afraid Mistress would take that as I wanted to be locked up.    

Here are some chastity ideas.    # 13 (unlucky # 13 ) Chastity

Thank you Mistress for locking me up and telling me you plan on being meaner.  I'm in heaven!

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