Friday, October 23, 2015

Oral Worship

For the most part Mistress isn't into receiving oral sex.  I don't think it does much for her, as she is big into penetration.  However that doesn't mean I don't fantasize about being required provide oral sex or to be tortured with her pussy.  For some reason in both Male Dom and Female Domme porn, being required to service the dominant is seen as submissive.  For that reason I frequently fantasize about Mistress making me service her pussy and ass, her smothering me with her pussy and ass as well as squirting all over my face when she comes.  I dream of her taking her juices and smearing them all over my face and not untied until they are dry. Forbidden to wash them off. I think about hours spent between her legs, sometime gagged just so I can be immersed in her scent.  Mistress using her body to not only pleasure herself but to humiliate me in the process, I get hard just thinking about it.  I want to be her pussy worshiping slave.

Here are some hot examples (many, many examples)

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