Monday, October 19, 2015

Random Rambling

Just some random thoughts.

I have now been locked up for a full week with a short 2 hour break so that Mistress and I could have sex and a nice nap.  I was a shit yesterday morning so I have earned at least another day in chastity.  I don't even question the extension.  I deserve it.  I thought putting myself back into chastity would be tough, but I wanted to show Mistress how serious I am about serving her, about her setting the guidelines of my behavior and how much I want her to be meaner to me.  In reality, she can put me in chastity for whatever reason she wants.  It just so happens in this case it's to correct some behavior.

It was awesome being inside of Mistress.  With my cock having no feeling other than dead air or a tight metal squeeze, being inside of her was amazing.  One downside to chastity is the inevitable premature ejaculation from the new amazing sensations.

I still have some markings from last Saturday night's scene with the rubber bands.  I really, really like being bruised and marked for so long.

Chastity downside.  I don't get to wear panties as none of them will accommodate my device although maybe that's what crotch-less panties are for.

I love Mistress taking control and bossing me around.  That's how we got the name of this blog, as she is bossy by nature.  I also take control, but I love submitting to her bossy nature.  It does things to my brain that I cannot deny.

I look forward to Mistress being meaner.  I think it's hard for her.  It's not normal to treat someone badly and think you are doing them a favor, especially when you love someone.  I just have to keep embracing the mean side and when she wants to be nice (like letting me out of chastity to shave) I need to help her be firm in being mean to me.  Ultimately it will serve us both well.  

I wish I could edge right now.  Feel my cock get hard without discomfort.  Get to that glorious place just before I cum.  Maybe leaking a bit and having to lick it up.  But no such luck.  All I get to do is fantasize about it which is probably one of the great things about chastity.

Since I am on the topic, I have spent all week thinking about being locked up for a # of days without release.  I'd like to set a personal record for being locked up.  The only problem is it will be mentally tough without a lot of effort on both of our parts, as the tease is as is more important as the deny.

My head is spinning with lust thinking about being back inside my Mistress.

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