Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Free - for now

Mistress let me out of chastity last night.  I can safely admit that as much as I wanted to stay in chastity to beat some sort of record I am thrilled to be out.  Getting released is a physical relief, but a mental let down. It's such psychological torture.  Mistress has made sure to stay in my head today, as she sent me an email to wear something sexy under my clothes today.  I will be wearing a sexy pair of fishnet tights that I bought super cheap a few weeks ago.  I'm going to be feeling naughty and very desperate.  I love it when she is in my head.

On my previous post about "other D/s couples" I forgot one.

Mistress L - Where i enjoy collecting ideas and sharing my real life d/s relationship, mostly to humiliate my gimp slave.  Some very hot play they have.  She seems nice, but mean when it counts.

Here is a hot post.
My favorite way to turn my pathetic slave into a fuck toy is restrain him nice and tight and gag him with a penis gag. Took the blindfold off to give him the pleasure of watching my ass bounce up and down his face. His useless little cock was so hard just watching me i couldn’t help but laugh.

After i came, i told him i was going to give him a blow job. The pathetic bitch got excited, only to see me lick and suck the dildo on his face clean. 
My poor slave was so frustrated watching my mouth slide up and down, wishing my wet lips were on his cock instead…too bad fuck face, i wouldn’t bother sucking that little worm.

A few more

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