Monday, October 19, 2015

Silent Spankings

I ran across this the other day...

Today, we have both girls and all of the grandkids over at the house in the pool. My domina had instructed me to plant some flowers that she had bought and do a few other chores. after about an hour of working, I sat on the deck for a few minutes and watched the kids swimming. Instead of gaining her permission, I made that decision on my own....... mistake.

She came outside and asked me if I had everything done. I explained that I was resting for a few minutes and she looked at me puzzled and leaned over and whispered in my ear, " I don't recall giving permission for that". I started to get up and she quickly stopped me and asked me if I could give her a hand inside. I followed her into the bedroom and she instructed me to strip completely and lay face down on the bed. I did as instructed, fearing that the strap was soon to follow. "since the kids are in an and out, I can't punish you properly for now, but I have something in mind:. She tied my hands to he headboard and I could feel her rubbing my butt cheeks. she then went on to explain that she had recently read about silent spankings on a discipline web site, what she had rubbed on was a capsaicin cream used for arthritis. as she walked out, she told me things should be warming up shortly. she then informed me that my chastity release she had planned on for Father's Day was now to be postponed indefinitely.

I lay on the bed for about 10 minutes and suddenly felt by butt starting to get very warm. The warmth gave way to a very intense stinging that got worse as time went on. after 30 minutes, she came back in and untied me and told me to go finish what I had been instructed to do. as I finished my chores, the burning continued. After finishing, I went back to the deck and sat down to talk to the girls and realized that I could barely sit as the burning on my butt grew worse as I sat there. It has now been two hours since the application and I still feel a burning, but not as bad as before. My wife asked me which was worse, a full blown spanking or the silent spanking. I told her the silent spanking was just as bad as the aftermath of a real spanking without the pain of the spanking being administered. she gave me a knowing smile and walked away, apparently pleased with her new discovery......

One more article on it.

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