Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Difficulty in a good way.

As I write this my current time in lock up is 2 days 1 hour and 20 minutes, but who's counting?  Going back to last year my longest continuous lock up was 7.5 days which surprisingly was Oct 7-14th or almost the same week a year earlier.  I was locked up 5 times and only one time was less than 2.5 days.

I mention it because I had a chance to get released for about 8 hours last night.  Apparently Mistress liked a few ideas in yesterday's post.  One was wearing a nighty in addition to chastity.  As predicted it added another layer of difficulty to my night of sleep.  When I say difficulty, I don't mean that as a complaint, I mean that as it was difficult in just the right way.  First off I picked a nighty that was too restrictive.  But instead of whining or trying to get out of it I sucked it up and did my best to deal with it.  I actually tried to find a way to ask Mistress to let me change into another one, but I also feared she might let me, and I wanted to endure it.  I went to bed frustrated and a little angry at myself for putting myself in such an uncomfortable position.  However during the night that difficulty worked its magic.  Every time I woke up to change positions I not only had to adjust my chastity device I had to adjust my nighty.  Every time I did that, it went straight to my brain.  It reinforced the idea that I am a submissive that craves to be treated this way.  I would end up with thoughts of Mistress making me sleep in far less comfortable circumstances and making my current situation seem like a walk in the park.  I fantasized about sleeping in restraints, or a cage, or the strait jacket or pantyhose and bra, etc.  That in turn got me super hard and uncomfortable in my chastity device.  I just stewed in my own thoughts until my brain was submissively mushy.

Mistress also seemed to like the dice game.  As mentioned above, I had the opportunity to be out of my device over night.  Mistress asked me to pick a number and if she rolled that number I would be released for the night.  I picked a 3 and she rolled a 4.  It was a mind-fuck thinking I would get out and I had a 17% chance of it happening.  Had she actually rolled a 3 I would have been happy on one side but disappointed on the other.  I am embracing being in chastity and am wearing my time locked up with a sense of pride.  Getting out (even for a short while) would be such a catch-22.  As such I woke up this morning with a little bit of shame for being such a slut, but also with a ton of pride that I endured a night in chastity and a very restrictive nighty.  I look forward to enduring increasingly challenging situations.

I have actually been fantasizing about being locked in chastity for weeks on end, but also am very aware of the challenges and work it would take on both of our parts to due it successfully.  We have too much going on these days to make that work positively for both of us, but a guy can fantasize.

When researching some dice ideas there were a few more that came up.  
  • Assigning the # of a roll to a task or punishment 
  • Rolling dice to calculate a number of spankings
  • Rolling dice to calculate a number of edges
  • Rolling dice to calculate # of orgasms Mistress gets before I get one.
In the interest of not topping from the bottom, a quick google search of "chastity dice ideas" with or without the word dice "femdom dice ideas" or "bdsm dice ideas" has a lot of interesting games although some seem very convoluted.  

Lastly, I was being a little snarky last night.  Mistress advised me that I had better watch myself.  She said she had a punishment that I would not enjoy and that if I didn't watch myself she would use it.

Now I have no idea what it is, and I am sure I wouldn't like it, at least not while it was happening, afterward is another story :-)  That being said, I find it super, super hot that she is thinking of ways to not only punish me but also make sure the punishment is harsh.  I sense a "be careful what you wish for" scenario coming up.  I am a lucky, lucky man.

Locked with markings still showing from Saturday's scene



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