Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Mistress gave me a task to wear my butt plug for a minimum of 3 hours today.  Normally I do it as soon as possible to get it over with.  Today I will wait until I get home from work.  I want the anticipation to build all day.  To think about how long it's been.  To have everything build up.  I want to be plugged when Mistress comes home.  I want to feel the shame and erotic humiliation of the things I am willing to do.  I want my early morning horniness to go away so the shame is even greater.  I dream of Mistress making me drop my pants to show her I am plugged or to have to ask permission to remove it after the three hours.  I also dream of her making me put my plug in before bed but still having the 3 hour minimum rule.  I would either sleep with naughty thoughts or barely sleep at all.

Gotta run!

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