Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trying to Ignore

Last night I slept in chastity.  Both yesterday and last night I have been trying to ignore the device. Trying to make it easier and to be less affected by it.  It's impossible.  There is just no way I can ignore having my cock locked, especially knowing I have made it impossible to escape.  Every time I sit to pee (a must), adjust myself, decide what to wear, workout, scratch, it's there.  Unyielding steel. While looking at pictures, my instinct is to touch a little or to get a full on edge, but it can't be done.  While wearing a collar signifies a certain amount of control, my collar is somewhat deniable.  This chastity device feels far more controlling even if no one can see it.  Besides having limbs restrained or being locked in a cage, I can't imagine a way to feel more controlled.  

So that made me very horny this morning when I was trying to avoid it.  I got a Fredericks email this morning.  7 pairs of panties for $28.  I was so horny I almost bought them.  I made a shopping cart and closed the window instead.  That's one thing that sucks about getting worked up like this.  It makes we want to buy frilly things, BDSM clothes, restraints and just about anything that I can pervert.

So back to my normal measurement.  Do I want out, absolutely.  Do I want to stay locked indefinitely, yes!  As much as I hate to admit it.  The brain loves the control more than it dislikes the device.

My naughty shopping list...

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