Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This title is based on how impressed I am with Mistress.  I would have bet money that she would have felt bad for me and let me out of chastity last night or this morning.  Quite the opposite. She ignored that I was in chastity completely.  That's not to say she ignored me being her submissive.  This morning she called me out on not wearing a nighty last night.  I thought for sure that she was going to bring it up and when she didn't I half thought she was letting it slide since I was in chastity, but I also considered she forgot and I that was getting away with something.  I certainly wasn't going to bring it up.  This morning she twisted the screws a little bit more and had me put on a feminine workout outfit.  It does humiliate me to dress this way in front of her.  I tried to say my chastity device wouldn't work with it (which I truly believed) but she insisted I try and it did.  Well played Mistress!

I have now found another way to hate chastity.  Not because of the discomfort, but because of the wicked stuff that goes through my mind when I am in it.  It's a good thing I am not a Dom, because I can come up with some terribly creative things to do to someone wired like me (grammar check thought I should change wired to weird).  I am going to avoid rambling through some of my ideas I have this morning as I don't want them to come back and haunt me later.

That all being said, this morning I found this post that is in line with recent quotes from other blogs.  This one is from bossymsbecky and the pictures are in her post as well.

Disciplinary Wives

The idea of spanking and other forms of punishment in the female-led relationship is to administer it when it is needed - then make up and forget the whole incident. Men are accepting it because it presents a never-failing alternative to quarreling. They know in advance that if they make a mistake they will be disciplined for it. The affair will be adjusted quickly and beneficially - they will be punished, and then promptly forgiven. The incident cannot wind up in a dangerous quarrel. Bitter words will not be said. In this way, every disagreement is effectively closed before it has time to ferment into serious discord.

A spanking hurts, of course. It has to hurt to be effective. But the hurt is temporary and beneficial - it gives the husband just the lesson he needs - and when it is over, the trouble is over.

Is discipline really helpful? There can be no question of it as long as the spanking hurts enough and the humiliation is severe enough to convey a good lesson. It causes the husband to think twice before repeating the offense! A whipping is good because of the humiliation it causes. Having to stretch out obediently and get ready for the punishment does the husband good. Before the paddle is applied a single time - before a single stroke of the strap is delivered - the discipline starts being effective and beneficial for this very reason!

If the husband is to be disciplined, he is often directed to go to the bedroom and get ready for the punishment. Many men will at that point start to plead, something that should never distract the wife. In the bedroom he should undress - then stretch out full length on the bed, face-downwards. Some women will require him to put a pillow under his waist. He must wait in this position, until his wife enters the room - whether she comes in immediately or keeps him waiting.

Some women use a wooden paddle only. Others employ a strap. But many implements are available to them, like a slipper, a hairbrush, a ruler, a wooden spoon and various belts. In addition various whips and crops may be purchased or made. The great majority of women use a variety of implements. Many wives require that these be placed ready for use when the man takes his disciplining position.

Most important thing to remember is: never feel sorry for your husband. He was the one who got himself into trouble and he should be grateful his wife is willing to put the time and energy into disciplining him - and to forgive him afterwards.

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